The Challenge

One in every five of the world’s out-of-school children is in Nigeria. UNICEF






"KITA's mission is to train, educate, and mold talented youth to excel on the soccer field and the classroom by establishing an academy that develops future leaders who are compassionate, ethical, and disciplined.”

Paul Kato, Founder & President

Kato International Training Academy

Meet the Team


Paul Kato

Founder & President

Born in Kwoi, Nigeria, Paul Kato attended primary school in Kwoi before moving around from Trinity Christian Academy in Dallas, Texas, to Rift Valley Academy in Nairobi, Kenya, and finally to Hillcrest Academy, back in Nigeria. Mr. Kato graduated from Spring Arbor University and pursued a few different paths before becoming a high school teacher. His background, love of soccer, and passion for education passed down from his parents inspired KITA. The power of education changed his life and he hopes the same to be true for every child who will attend KITA.

Bature S. Likoro

Co-Founder & Vice-President

Born in Kaduna State Bature S. Likoro received a diploma in Business Administration from Kaduna Polytechnic. He served in the Kaduna State public service teaching business education and accounting at the secondary school level. He went on to serve in a number of position prior to founding his own engineering company in 2000. In 2005, his ventures expanded to include running a transport company. Throughout his life Mr. Likoro has been an advocate for education and a confident voice advocating for the youth of Nigeria. He is married with 3 children and currently supports much of the on-going day to day work at KITA.

Joseph J. Dawah

School Executive

Born in Nok, Kaduna State Joseph Dawah received his Bachelor of Science Degree from Barewa College, Zaria. He has been serving in numerous roles with KITA over the past several years. Mr. Dawah earned his Master of Science degree in Environmental Management from Ahmadu Bello University in 2006. Passionate about encouraging the youth and developing their talents, Mr Dawah has been active in his church and has been a adamant supporter of peace and justice in Nigeria.

"Whenever one hears of Africa it always seems to be a negative news story. At KITA we hope to develop an institution Africans can be proud of; that can in some way give children dignity and hope that translates to a better tomorrow." 

Vice President Likoro Bature



KITA is a 501(c)(3) charitable tax-exempt organization

Contributions to KITA are tax deductible

Our tax returns are public record

US tax identification number (TIN) is 27-0154188

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